Northern Stampings produces precision low and high-volume stamped parts, welded assemblies and fabrications for many automotive components and assemblies.

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Truck & Bus Applications

NSI has designed and built parts to meet the rugged standards of truck and bus equipment, with intricate parts, components and assemblies.

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Oil & Gas

Oil-and-GasOil and Gas industry companies can take advantage of Northern Stampings’s capabilities to provide faster, more cost-effective fabrications, stampings and  welded solutions to avoid rig downtime – saving time and money. Northern Stampings can provide the Oil & Gas industry with large (and small) capacity stamped parts that exceed the capability of many competitors… even the original OEMs. Northern Stampings is uniquely suited to meet the manufacturing, quality and delivery demands of the Oil & Gas Industry.

Military Fabrications


Northern Stampings has designed and built stamping and stamped products for military applications.  We can provide products directly to the military or suppliers.

Appliances, Furnaces & Consumer Goods

Kitchen and house appliances

From providing parts to assemble high-end appliances to furnace & condenser assemblies, rely on Northern Stampings for solutions. With an experienced track record of value and quality, Northern Stampings can assist.

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Cabinet & Electrical Housing Components

32230200_sNeed Electrical and building components? NSI is the perfect partner for intricate stamped components and assemblies. Any electronics from home appliance, home computing, to electrical building supplies need high-quality precision stamped parts. Count on NSI to meet and exceed industry requirements for intricate stamped parts.

Learn more about how Northern Stampings improves efficiency with conventional and robotic improvements.

Off Road Recreational Vehicles

all-terrain vehicle and desert

Northern Stampings has designed and built parts for off-road recreational equipment.

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Lawn & Garden

36228595_mNorthern Stampings is well equipped to supply the lawn & garden industries with a wide variety of simple and complex stampings and welded assemblies.

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Over more than two decades, we’ve served a wide variety of industries, delivering precision metal stamped products that meet the most rigorous industry requirements. Industries we serve include:
• Appliance
• Automotive
• Electrical
• Energy
• Environmental
• Heating and cooling
• Heavy truck/bus
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