image2A Tier-1 Automotive supplier needed a fastening support for an underbody sound deadening large plastic component.  The component is exposed to all environmental conditions on the underbody of vehicles, subjected to water, salt, rocks, snow, etc. The PET component needed to be fastened in a labor-friendly manner with minimal labor ops, maximum repeatability, and withstand the torque of the thru-bolt.

The original design was a one-piece stamped reinforcement that ran the full length of the PET component, which would have required a separate OEM assembly line operation.


Northern Stampings developed a single part number, a self-adhering washer that can be applied to all the attachment points.  The self-adhering washers are applied to the underbody component by the Tier-1 supplier, avoiding the OEM separate labor operation.


Our customer provides an assembly line-ready complete component. There is a weight savings is >1 pound. The piece cost savings is >$1 per vehicle. Labor savings are significant.

This is such a success with the OEM they directed their European manufacturer to use NSI’s fastener system.