A Tier-2 Automotive interior trim supplier is working on a load floor flipper panel, where NSI is their primary metal component supplier. Our customer sought a metal attachment that included a magnet bracket to hold the flipper lid in the closed position. The OEM required a magnet based on previous programs that had to be glued to the bracket.


NSI asked the pull requirement of the magnet, no one had the answer. Based on that, NSI contacted our magnet supply base, and we couldn’t obtain a consistent cost because of the limited magnet spec. Our magnet suppliers asked how we planned to attach the magnet to the bracket. Again, the OEM adhesive spec was obsolete.

Our R&D team developed the assembly system, based on common magnet strengths used in automotive interiors along with the strongest adhesive for the lowest cost – replacing glue with an adhesive-backed magnet.


  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Enhanced ease of assembly
  • Reduced cost >50% per vehicle
  • Reduced weight >20%
  • Assurance of stable magnet supply because the magnet is ceramic not rare earth